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October 20, 2011

What a Summer! I have to say that I have never felt closer to God. He has brought me through every trail and given me some amazing new friends. He truly comes through when we need him. He's given me a new definition of "always there". He hears every one of my prayers, listen to my every plea and rejoices when I rejoice. I am finally able to say "My Hope is in You, Lord" wholeheartedly.

Finnegan. God, keep him safe.

                                                                                   July 6th 2011
This summer week has been different than most. It all started with getting a Maine Coon cat named Finnegan. We had him for a day, then, while we were having a sleepover he snuk out the window screen. That was EARLY Sat. morning. He's still not back :( I've cried many tears over him.I just hope he comes back. I finnally finished cleaning my room last wednesday! That's pretty much a miracle. It's been clean ever since! I think Chanelle (my other cat) really likes living in there now. I love having a clean room. It means I can have more friends over, which means I can have more fun! Next thing I'm looking forward to: Epic Journey Summer Camp! Starts next Weds. Then, I'll be going to Creationfest the following Weds. Yes.... this WILL be an Epic Summer :)

June 15th 2011

Well, yesterday wasn't AS interesting as the night before, but it was fun. I had my friend Dani over and we had a nerf gun fight with our lil sisters. I don't know who won though... hmmm.... I'll have to ask Rocksea. We also ate a Tupperware container FULL of cookies. The cookies are no more.

I learned that even though I can't stretch my hand to play an octave, I can still play piano. That was one of my biggest worries about stabbing my hand. I can even type with it now :) It still hurts, but that should go away soon :D

Yesterday I didn't do much. I guess it was a typical, lazy summer day.

That's all for now!

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