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Being a girl is hard! We get thrown lies about what to where, who to date, what to do, etc... I could go on and on just listing different lies we have been told- AND BELIEVED! This "Girls Only" section will hopefully open your eyes to what God sees and wants you to know. His opinion matters most.

October 20th 2011

Love. It's a controversial subject. Some people think they'll never find it, while others already have. I'm one of lucky ones. I found love.

It's not a worldly love that says "When I need someone new, I'll just kick you to the curb". No, this love is real. It's HD. It's forever and then an eternity more. It's more than anyone can imagine. It's deep.

How do you find a love like this? Well, there's a really cool book out there that says something like this: "For God (love) so loved the world that he gave his only son". That God (who is love) loved us SO very much that he gave us his son. His son died for our wrongs.

You may find this hard to believe, but girls, this love is real. It's 100% true. I've experienced it, I've known it, I've held on to it my whole life. I've found love. Have you found love?

June 15th, 2011

Modesty- Lately, you see skin EVERYWHERE. Whether it's low cut blouses, see-through shirts or tight jeans and miniskirts, you've probably seen some kind of immodest outfit recently. Why should you strive to be modest? A recent blog post on Project Inspired ( puts it perfectly.

"...when a guy looks at a pie plate, he starts to envision a hot, juicy apple pie in the plate. And then he can smell the aroma of apples, and his taste buds start to tingle with the anticipation of biting into the pie. And then his mouth starts to water as he can almost taste the pie in his mouth. It’s the same idea when a guy looks at a young girl who is showing off a little skin. He starts to see things that aren’t there, things that he shouldn’t be envisioning.  That’s why it’s so important to remain covered with clothing and not show off our bodies.  There are too many guys out there searching for that ‘hot, juicy apple pie’ in a young girl.”

After reading that, do you now understand why we, young girls, need to keep covered? You don't need to wear a dress that looks like it  was made in the 1800's. There are LOTS of ways to keep modest and be cute at the same time. (I should know) ;) 

  1. go out and get yourself some ribbed tanks to layer under your too-low (or too short) shirts. Cami-secrets are also a great option. You CAN wear lower cut shirts and still be modest by doing this. You can also layer a tank under a see through shirt.
  2. For those above-the-knee skirts and dresses (or even super-short shorts!) leggings are a cute option. just slip them under the skirt, add some flats and GO!
  3. Tell a friend, with the same goal, that you want to dress modestly. You can shop together, talk together and just have fun trying on different things. (This is what I do with Danielle, ( Melody-Katherine ( and Rocksea Rue (
There are ALOT of other ways to be cute and modest as well. If you want some more tips, email at

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