Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A love that lasts forever

I've always known God loves me. I've grown up in Christian home, been going to the same Church since I was born and never had any big trials in my life. It's been pretty smooth sailing for me. I've been in the same house, with the same people and the same friends around me for my whole life. My parents, sister and Aunt and Uncle (who are like grandparents to me) are still alive and I have it pretty easy. I've always know I'm loved, but I never knew HOW much I was loved.

I've really started to dig in to my Bible and journal the past couple months. I'll admit, I've slacked off a bit, but I've grabbed my shovel again. I figured, since Summer started YESTERDAY for me, I can start reading it more, but that's besides the point :)
Reading my Bible has made me realize how much God truly loves me. After I read, I feel so alive and loved.

I'm not sure when it was the I began to find how much God truly loves me. Maybe it was at NIKO or Go-camp or Montana mission trip last year. I'm can't pin-point a certain day or even a month that I finally came to realize His love for me. I never really had the huge "change" that people talk about when they first meet God. I was so young when I gave my heart away to the King. I don't think I really ever did change. I've always been like this.

Ok... this is getting WAY off-topic. Now that you know my life story, here my point: God loves you and me and all of humanity (his creation) with a never stopping, never giving up, forever and day kind of love. He died for you so he could live with you forever in perpetual bliss. He loves you and wants to be with you forever. He's calling your name. How will you respond?

This is a very powerful  song about God's forever love. It is very true and very, very real. Please listen to it!

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