Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not Your Standard Post

Where's your bar? This is a follow-up to my  "How High is Too High?" post. "Raising the bar" is a common phrase among churches. Especially in youth churches and groups. It means raising your standards. AKA making your expectations higher. The world seems to think that having the bar on the floor is just fine. We need to set the example. It's time to raise the bar.

How can we raise the bar? How can we raise our standard? BELIEVE that you can raise it. Then jump that bar! Fly over it. Believe in yourself and be an example.

On the blog, The Daily Love, Mastin Kipp says, “Raise your standards and you will rise along with them. Want the best for yourself, set a new standard and then STICK TO IT! It is very easy to blame other people for what’s wrong in your life. But in every circumstance, other people are never to blame. Any relationship you’ve ever been in, you’ve chosen to be in. Every action you’ve taken in every moment of your life was a choice that you made.”

 Think of yourself living that new, higher life and do it. Challenge yourself to do meet the bar and watch yourself SOAR over the walls and the boundaries in your life.

You can't do it alone, though. You need God to help you. After all, you can't fly without wings! (God = wings)

*Pray*Raise the Bar*Believe*Pray*Soar*Pray*Repeat*

That's how you raise the bar.

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