Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Role Call: Who's your Paul?

Who are you modeling your life after? This is a question I've dealt with for quite a while. I used to have many role models. Some were celebrities, some were from my church. Over the past years, they've all let me down. I used to look up to Miley Cyrus. (HOW NAIVE CAN I BE?) I watched the Michalka sisters. I had a girl in my Church who dubbed me her "little sister". Well, she let me down big time. She got pregnant, but that another story for a different blog entry.

I've heard alot of sermons about how God is the only one we should model our lies after. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Does this mean we shouldn't have a role model/mentor? No! It doesn't. We all need a "Paul" in our lives.

You probably know about Paul and Timothy. (If you haven't, read 1-2 Timothy)  Timothy was a teenager with a passion for God. Paul was a middle-aged guy who was an apostle of Christ. He became Timothy's mentor and Timothy became a world-changer. Without Timothy to guide him and tell him where he was wrong, he never would've made it. Do you have a "Paul" in your life?

To be Continued in a Later Post...

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