Thursday, June 23, 2011

Painting Butterflies

Makeup seems to be a controversial topic. Some girls swear by it and won't leave the house without it while other girls never use it. I would be somewhere in between. I wear mascara, powder and lipbalm on a regular basis. (I really don't like my skin being all shiny) Until Monday I wore a full face of makeup just to go to the store. Then my eyes were opened and I realized I what I'm going to share with you in this post.
God made everything on your body for a reason. Your freckles were hand drawn, each hair was placed and planned, your height and weight were chosen by your creator for a specific purpose- even if it be only for his pleasure. Why would you try to cover-up something that was given to you for reason?

If you're thinking we should ditch all make-up, all fashionable clothes and all hair brushes and razors, you can guess again. There's nothing wrong with hygiene or feeling pretty, but there IS something wrong with hiding behind the masks that so-called fashion and beauty give us.

How is a face caked with layers of concealer, powder and foundation any more beautiful then the natural you? The True, simple answer? It isn't.

In my opinion, the unmasked, sincere, pure face of a girl is more beautiful than the painted sheet she puts on every day. It's like painting a butterfly. Who would ever dream of painting such a beautiful creature? No one I know. Yet we do to ourselves on a regular basis.

I'm not wanting you to toss your makeup collection in the nearest trash bin. (unless it will make you feel better) I mean, as I said before, I wear makeup. I've used all of it! From full coverage concealer to plumping lipgloss  to Lengthening mascara and I don't believe it's wrong. What is wrong is when it stop accenting our God given beauty and covering it up instead.

Black Swan

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