Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How High is Too High?

How high is too high? For some, standing on a chair is high enough. For others even flying isn't high enough. From what I can see, the world likes staying on the floor. As low as a person can get.

I'm talking about "Expectations". You often hear people say "I expected you too..." "That's not what I expected" or "I expect...." but what does the word really mean? Dictionary.com puts it this way: " something looked forward to, whether feared or hoped for.... an attitude of expectancy or hope; anticipation... synonym: Hope; trust." Wait a sec... what does that say? Hope is another word for expectation? Yes indeed, it is.
As Christians, we need to have high expectations of others and of ourselves. We need to expect things. We need to expect God to answer our prayers. We should expect that God will meet all our needs. We should HOPE for the best, we should EXPECT the best and we should TRUST God to meet our needs.

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