Monday, July 11, 2011

So, What's Next?

I am a girl who's passionate about a lot of stuff. I'm passionate about saving animals, passionate about God, Passionate about photography... I could go ON and ON. (but I won't bore you) Lately, I've felt a tug on my heart to follow one of my passions: Music. I love the satisfaction of writing the perfect lyrics, playing the perfect tune. But I'm at the point where I want to KNOW who or what I'm going to be. I want to know what my calling is. Perhaps it is music. After all, the pastor who dedicated me said I would do something with music and it's always interested me. I honestly have NO IDEA  what to do next. I guess I'm at that waiting stage. It's seems like I've been here for forever. Oh I need strength.God, give me grace and patience and steadfastness to follow you and listen for your voice. Amen.

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