Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kitty Cats and Lazer Beams

Do you have pet? If you do, you know the many joys that a friend with paws brings. You also know about all the lessons you learn. Sometimes, they teach you lessons you never forget.

Last Night, as I was playing with my cat, I decided to use a laser pointer. Needless to say, she loved it! She chased it everywhere, though she seemed quite annoyed when the light would suddenly disappear mid-chase. As soon as the laser got near her paws, I immediately moved the smiley face pointer and wiggled it. Just out of her reach. (tricky, huh? :D) This reminded me of two things.

the first thing I thought of was how the devil tempts us into doing Ungodly things. He'll show us something that's just out of our reach. We only have to do a little thing and it's ours. Sounds pretty good, right? WRONG! No matter how much time we put into strategies and planning, we slide down a slippery slope to destruction, doing one bad thing, after another.

The second thing I thought of was how God shows us something amazing. How do we get this thing? We must become more and more like God. That means asking him for his help and he does it! He doesn't tease or taunt us, but instead leads us to that object, step by step, (or stumble by stumble) he helps us reach it. When we reach it, he shows us another even more wondrous thing, and repeats the process.

He'll guide you and watch you. He'll lead you with Patience and quiet strength. He'll think no less of you when you fall. This is what I'm learning Every Day I'm Alive.

I hope this makes sense to you!

Love you fellow Princess and Daughter of the King,

Black swan

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