Friday, March 4, 2011

Beautiful Death

What are you most afraid of? Well, If you're like most Americans you're probably afraid of snakes, public speaking or maybe even the dark. Everyone is afraid of something. So I have another question... are you afraid of death?

Death can be painful. I'm not talking about a spiritual death here, but a death to self. Even though you won't actually die when you accept Jesus into your heart, you have to let your earthly desires go. That doesn't mean you need to let go of all your possessions, family or friends (though in some cases you do) But you have to let go of your selfish  ways.

But don't think it will happen automatically. In fact, I've been following Christ (or stumbling in his footsteps) for almost my whole life and I still don't have it down. In fact, I still struggle with earthly ways. Every day I find myself being tempted and tried every day I'm Alive.

My point is, when you give your life to Christ, all of your darkness is washed away and replaced by the brightest, most glorious light you have ever seen. Die to the darkness and your life will be washed in eternal, glittering light. Now that's a beautiful death!

Love your fellow Princess and Daughter of the King,

Black swan

PS The picture in this post has a message. It represents life without God (black and white, dull and dim) vs. life with God, basked in his glorious light!

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